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Capitalization Advisory

DAYCAP provides advisory services on debt, equity, and other funding solutions for startups and growth companies. This includes solutions from seed funding through Series A and ensuing rounds. We guide companies to the best investment vehicle and help determine a company’s valuation at each stage of growth from startup to exit.

Business Development

Support companies in establishing broader reach of customers and accounts. Establish strategic partnerships with new manufacturers, vendors, lenders, and investors.  Help to open new markets to include international expansion and offshore manufacturing or distribution.

Opening New Markets


Creating Proper Governance

Help startups and companies to establish proper governance structure including formation of Boards (Advisory and Directors) and C-Level executive teams.  Consult on executive and Board compensation structure, including salaries, bonuses, stock grants, warrants, and options.  Provide guidance on succession planning for the founders and senior executives.


Provide guidance on and execution of various M&A strategies including targeting possible acquisitions or seeking potential acquirers.  Structure an exit plan for both companies’ employees and executives if required by the merger. Advise companies throughout the M&A transition process.

M&A Execution