Procurement Division

Supplying Federal Agencies With ON-TIME Deliveries

DAYCAP’s Procurement Division provides cost-effective procurement services to the federal government agencies and the hospitality industry.  Our Procurement team can source over 100,000 products.  With our cost-efficient system and trusted relationships with manufacturers, we can ensure competitive prices and great customer service.

We support the following agencies and many others:

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DAYCAP Procurement can source and deliver: 

IT EQUIPMENT: computers, accessories, electronics, and expendables

HARDWARE: from fasteners and locks to paints and coatings

FURNITURE AND INSTALLATIONS: mattresses, office furniture, hotel furniture, dorm and barracks furniture, lobby seating, lighting

INDUSTRIAL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES: including heavy equipment jacks, machine tools

COMMERCIAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT: ranges and hoods, small and large refrigeration


FLOORING: carpet and tile

BUILDING MATERIALS: lumber, OSB, roofing, siding, engineered trusses, doors, windows