What We Do

Day Capital Partners, LLC (DAYCAP) assists firms and organizations in  two distinct areas:

  1.  Capital Access and Growth Advisory

  2.  Procurement Services

Capital Access and Growth Advisory

DAYCAP partners with companies that are in need of venture and growth capital.  Growth capital is for companies demonstrating strong management experience and three years of revenues. We also provide capitalization-funding solutions for start-ups with experienced management teams and breakthrough technologies.

We limit our participation to biotech, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, information technologies, defense and national security, environmental and energy sectors.

DAYCAP collaborates with other investment, venture capital, private equity/hedge funds and angel investors. To advise companies in need of capital we support them throughout the entire investment preparedness process that may include but not limited to the following:

  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  • Capitalization structure
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Business plan and Executive summary
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Advisory and Corporate Board formation
  • Executive compensation structure
  • IPO/reverse mergers
  • Mergers & acquisitions


DAYCAP is not a registered FINRA broker. We do NOT sell or trade securities, nor do we act as investment counselors to individuals. We do not accept investments from individual investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DAYCAP’s key area of focus?   

DAYCAP helps existing businesses with expansion of capital and growth, and provides expert support every step of an investment cycle. DAYCAP also assists firms in recruiting interim management team, creation of Board of directors and development of strong corporate governance.

Who does DAYCAP partner with?  

DAYCAP collaborates with venture capital firms, private equity and hedge funds as well as major university technology research centers;  life sciences,  healthcare, IT technology, alternative energy, environmental technologies, defense and national security companies.   

How active is DAYCAP with its client portfolio?   

Day Capital acts as a strategic advisor by playing an active role in the development of business strategy and commercialization plans, thereby driving rapid market acceptance of targeted client companies. 

How can other venture capital firms collaborate with DAYCAP?   

DAYCAP often seeks to be a lead advisor in a syndicated investment transaction.  However, it will also consider joining in syndications led by other venture firms.  

Will DAYCAP be interested in our firm?   

We look for three key elements in any firm that seeks our support:

  1. Strong and experienced management team
  2. Disruptive technology or intellectual properties that are protectable and defensible
  3. Compelling business model

Generally, we work with post-revenue businesses with annual revenues between US$3-40ml. We have also developed advisory alternative-funding solutions for start-ups and pre-revenue companies.

Does DAYCAP assist its client in Board practice? 

DAYCAP assists its clients in establishing strong and independent Board-governed structure with directors focused on overall corporate performance. DAYCAP values strong Board practice as one of the pillars of success in any enterprise and promotes strong Boards among its clients and partners.   

How can DAYCAP help with the due diligence process?

DAYCAP assists its client firms in producing complete Due Diligence (DD) package required for funding transactions. The DD list can appear daunting for companies seeking capitalization, but usually, companies already have all the key information.  It takes some effort to accumulate and present the information in an organized structure.  We have divided the DD into seven sections:

General Company Data: This area deals with the various corporate filings, shares class, registrations, shareholders, etc.

  1. Financial Information: Financial statements and projections.
  2. Corporate Agreements: Agreements between creditors, banks, other lenders, shareholders, employees and contractors.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights & Product Information: Schedule of all trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights and patents that relate to the products, services, operations or names of a company.     
  4. Insurance Coverage: Description of each property, vehicle, worker’s compensation, and general/umbrella liability insurance policies issued to a company.
  5. Marketing Plan & Compensation: Full marketing plan including market share by competitors.
  6. Business Plan: Statement of financials, marketing, sales, staff, development and exit goals.